Skin Peels

A range of skin peels from Only Your Skin Care Rainforest Collection. Removes dead skin from the surface of the skin to reveal smoother, healthier, younger looking skin underneath. Treatments can address wrinkles, sunspots, acne, rosacea, pigmentation and scarring.

Papaya Purifying Peel

The gentlest exfoliating treatment available, with enzymatic Papaya combined with mint and clove to help to remove the build-up of dead skin cells.

1 Hour£50.00

Pineapple Revitalising Peel

The mildest Alpha Hydroxy Acid treatment combines 10% Glycolic with Pineapple enzymes to remove cellular build-up over clogged pores for a cleaner complexion.

1 Hour£60.00

Rainforest Banana Peel

A moderate exfoliating treatment combines Banana with 23% Multi-Fruit Acid that work synergistically to exfoliate on many levels of the skin to remove dead skin cells, soften follicular impactions, stimulate rapid cellular proliferation, refine the texture and smooth the skin.

1 Hour£60.00

Rainforest Radiance Peel

A moderate-strength exfoliating peel combines 30% Lactic Acid with pigment-fighting botanicals of Bearberry, Liquorice and Mulberry.

1 Hour£60.00

Gentle Cellular Sweep

A moderately strong peel with 30% Glycolic Acid and Aloe Vera rapidly refines rough and congested skin.

1 Hour£60.00

Ultra-Cellular Sweep

1 Hour£60.00

Courses are recommended to achieve maximum results.

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